(urban – botanic – landscape)

Project anticipates development of a touristic-urban leisure field incorporated in the contrast of nature and urbanization along the „Split-Riviera“, while erasing the heavily polluted industrial complex in Dugi Rat.

Dugi Rat is located on the thin coast line of central Dalmatia inbetween Split and Makarska.

The coastland is geologically bordered by the steeply sloped mountain line Kozjak – Mosor – Biokovo.  3km of sandy beaches border the sea and present exceptional natural beauty. A narrow linear densification along the coast is the consequence.

Inbetween the old villages the coaststripe experiences a huge acceleration of small-scale development, mostly privat appartements. It forms a high densification inbetween coast and state road not considering any urban rules in terms of public facilities and infrastructure.

Dugi Rat is situated in the middle of this linear sprawl. It's factory complex stands on a, for the whole Dalmatian coastline, unique horizontal plain.

As the mainland experiences acceleration of building a linear settelment, the coastland of Brac is still untouched, forming a resort of nature and beaches.

The proposal is to accept the densification of the mainlandcoast in order to keep nature recources on the island preserved. 1km2 CITY = 10km2 NATURE.

A new solarkatamaran network shall silently and fastly connect the beaches with the city.

The planned fast road will connect Dugi Rat's plain and the population of the „Split – Riviera“ and activate a gravitation
of 1,2 million locals and tourists seeking urban live facilities.

For the region of central Dalmatia Dugi Rat's plain shall provide public urban facilities and generate a 24h – 365 days vivid urban – botanic – landscape = “URBOTANSCAPE“ ©.

The new urban structure refers to the existing grid once formed by the expansion of the factory production. All investments have to enable a big amount of public facilities and take actively part on forming the mediteranean “URBOTANSCAPE“ ©. Urban rules are defined to form a densification along the mainaxis of the site and interwave built with vegetation.

TEAM 5: abAK (CRO) Split / Rotterdam 25.05.2005.

Ante Kuzmanić, dipl. ing. arh. / Samuel Martin, dipl. Arch. FH / Dujmo Žižić, dipl. ing. arh.

Team collaborators:
Mihaela Bašić, dipl. ing. arh. / Andrej Čikeš, dipl. ing. (FH).

Project title:  
Touristic complex in  former factory in Dugi Rat

Project abbreviation:         

Dugi Rat, former factory "Dalmacija"

study of public interests

Project type and phase:     
urbanistic / study

urban planning / housing / tourism / business / public / culture / sport / open space

2005. - 2007.

Site area:          
221.000 m2

Gross area:
217.000 m2

Building footprint area:
88.000 m2

Matra program - Novi svjetionici hrvatskog Jadrana: www.croatianarchipelago.com /
Department of Foreign Affairs , Netherlands / Berlage Institute / UHA

"Arhitektonski biro Ante Kuzmanić", Split

Ante Kuzmanić, dipl. ing. arh. / Samuel Martin, dipl. Arch. FH / Dujmo Žižić, dipl. ing. arh.

Project team:          
Mihaela Bašić, dipl. ing. arh. / Andrej Čikeš, dipl. ing. (FH) / 
Mate Jurić, dipl. ing. arh. / Sanja Matijević, dipl. ing. arh.

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